Gin Reviews

Black Shuck | Norfolk’s Legendary Spirit

In a town in the east
The parishioners were visited upon
By a curious beast…

The legend of Black Shuck is notorious throughout East Anglia.

The shaggy beast with one fiery red eye is synonymous the the harbinger of doom. Prowling the coastline and stalking the country lanes of Norfolk and Suffolk, whomever glances upon him is likely to befall a terrible fate.

To quote The Darkness, ‘That dog don’t give a f…..’

But don’t let that put you off trying this ghostly spirit from the Norfolk Sloe Company!

Launched in 2015, Black Shuck gin is distilled with the traditional botanicals juniper, coriander and orange peel, also encompassing Sea Buckthorn and Lavender from Black Shuck’s Norfolk Coast.

Recommended to be served in an ice filled Copa glass with a twist of fresh orange zest and premium tonic, Black Shuck is a lively gin with a bold juniper taste and citrus after notes.

This gin comes highly recommended and it certainly has the seal of approval from The Gindependants very own Black Shuck…..

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