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Macaronesian White Gin

Being a bank holiday weekend, the weather in Norfolk has been a rather undecided so we have been battling the elements and reminiscing about lazing on volcanic beaches with Macaronesian White Gin.

Macaronesian Gin is the first gin to be produced in the Canary Islands, which join the Azores, Cape Verde and Madeira to form Macaronesia. Named by the ancient Greeks, Macaronesia or the Fortunate Isles, are situated in the middle of the Atlantic, just beyond the mythical Pillars of Hercules.


The true essence of the Canary Isles is wholly distilled in Macaronesian Gin. The gin consists pure water filtered through the Volcanic rock of the region and local juniper from the subtropical cloud forests. Other Macaronesian grown botanicals refining the delicate taste include cardamom, angelica, liquorice and citrus peel

Primarily a Geneva, the gin leans heavily towards the flavours and aromas of the botanicals and away from the characteristics of a classic London Dry, lending itself to a smooth, fresh and rather unique taste.


The Gindependant Notes: Very light and fresh. Paired with Franklins Tonic, frozen orange slices and lots of ice. Will make a lovely, easy going summer gin.

The Facts
Gin: Macaronesian White Gin
ABV: 40%
Classification: Geneva
Distillery: Destileria Santa Cruz, Tenerife
Available from: Master of Malt or you should probably just book a last minute holiday….
Price Range: £35.00 (70cl) online, or €30 locally.

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