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Archangel Gin | The Heavenly Spirit

‘Ora et labora’, work and prayer. A way of life people have followed for centuries and a tradition Peter Allingham and Jude de Souza of Archangel Distilleries are preserving in the depths of Norfolk.

The Gindependant is a massive advocate of local products and it’s always a treat to try a gin made so close to home. Archangel gin is produced entirely in Norfolk; using locally grown juniper, verbena, wheat and rye. Then finished with water from the holy village of Walsingham.

IMG_20180318_134424_140.jpgThe gin is very full bodied with a strong zesty orange and juniper base followed by hints of local botanicals including sea buckthorn.

It has a uniquely smooth taste that isn’t inhibited when mixed with tonics and shines through even when served with bitter lemon.

Recommended straight from the freezer with plenty of ice and orange peel, this heavenly gin is well worth the pilgrimage to the drinks cabinet!

The Gindependant Notes:  Something different with very strong, unique taste. Tried with Indian tonic and frozen orange slices, enjoyed but possibly too citrus for my tastes. Also tried with old lady bitter lemon, which I preferred.

The Facts
Gin: Archangel
ABV: 45% Distillery: Archangel Distilleries Ltd, Norfolk, UK
Available from: Archangel Distilleries
Price Range: £35.95 (70cl)