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Whittaker’s Gin

Finally, some proper winter weather!

It has been a snowy week in Norfolk and with the countryside coming to a stand still the only thing to do is light the fire and snuggle up with a good gin!

This week in the Gin Palace we have been sampling Whittaker’s Gin – with its lovely hare label this bottle has been sitting pretty on the shelf for a few weeks now so its about time we gave it some attention!

Whittaker's Gin

Whittaker’s is an artisanal London Dry, which echoes the North Yorkshire moors in every sip.

Established in 2015 by Toby and Jane Whittaker, the Harrogate Distillery is run from their family home, Harewell House, in the heart of North Yorkshire.

Small batches of Whittaker’s Gin are lovingly distilled using fresh spring water from Harewell House Farm in a still named Jezebel…. Containing local botanicals of woody thyme, bilberries, hawthorn and bog myrtle – a bitter, sweet tasting shrub used to flavour beer in the middle ages!


The gin has the distinct juniper taste of a classic London Dry paired with thyme and a hint of citrus, a really clean and refreshing taste. Perfect with served with tonic and a sprig of fresh thyme.

There are also Navy strength, Pink Particular and Clearly Sloe varieties available.

The Gindependant Notes: Love this gin, great smooth taste and the branding is gorgeous!

The Facts
Gin: Whittaker’s Gin
ABV: 42%
Classification: London Dry
Distillery: Harrogate Distilleries Ltd, Yorkshire, UK
Available from:
Price Range: £35.00 (70cl)